Our Master Techs

Meet Our Honda Certified Master Technicians!

Cleo Bay Honda is extremely proud to present our Honda Certified Master Technicians Fabrice Sueoka, Douglas Toler, and Joshua Olds.

Becoming a Honda Certified Master Tech is no easy task. In order to be recognized as a Master Technician they must spend countless hours’ studying and successfully passing over 200 online Honda Self Study tests specific to the diagnostic, repair and maintenance of a Honda vehicle. During this training period they will also attend week long hands-on training session at an American Honda Training Center. This training process can take years to complete.

Only 15% of all Honda Technicians ever achieve the Honda Master Technician Status.

Cleo Bay Honda is known for exceptional service and a committed staff that is determined to get your vehicle back on the road fast and in great condition. With Master Technicians like Fabrice, Doug, and Josh and all the others, customers can be assured that their vehicle is in good hands.

Master Tech